Daezvara: A new world

It's been a while
Getting Caught up...

Major Events in the world of Daezvara

During the time of the immigration of those from Golarion Radigan has established a new kingdom, calling it Razeth’s Rest. His holdings were sanctioned by the Ancient Wyrm Razeth, who in exchange for leaving his new settlements alone, would let Radigan continue to bless and care for this land.

During this time of expansion and settlement, the ship he arrived on, commanded by a captain known as Venti, sank in a tragic storm, but the captain survived, and returned to the settlement on a ship of Halfling slavers. Also sailing on the ship is an ambitious dwarf named Dammond, who has in mind to establish a mining operation in this new land.

The slaver captain is dispatched by the plotting of Venti, Dammond, and Radigan. The ship is torn apart and split among the three of them, and Venti moves just outside the forest and establishes the settlement of Mast Cove. Other settlements were also established over the first year and a half. These include:

  • Radigan’s Rest: The farm and initial colony
  • Dammond’s Mine
  • Two Goblin Camps
  • Gorgon: a former orc camp
  • A gnoll camp
  • Nomad’s Heart:

During this time, Radigan and Dammond also made contact with groups of the locals, including:

  • Elves
  • Gnolls
  • 2 Goblin Tribes
  • Drow
  • Sahuagin
  • Nomads
  • Mites

It was also during this time that a few new traditions were established. In order to foster good relations with the locals, Radigan encouraged the locals to meet at Radigan’s rest. They did so, and it has now become a yearly tradition. During this 10 day festival at the beginning of Summer, the locals get together and do the following:

  • Day 1: Opening feast and greetings
  • Day 2: Announcements and trade
  • Day 3: Festivities and games: Drinking, archery, hunting, tracking, wrestling, tug of war, cooking, crafting, balancing
  • Days 4-9: Resolution of Disputes, Diplomatic arrangements
  • Day 10: Razeth’s appearance

During the second festival, however, a few other things transpired.

Just prior: Razeth learned of the incursions of Kadamort, a red dragon residing within a mountain 4 days journey from the edge of the forest. He tells Radigan that he will confront the upstart and meet him at a meeting place for those of his kind, but during the ninth day of the festival, the red dragon shows up unannounced. The green dragon is dead, and his hoard is claimed by the red dragon, although nobody knows the location. So sets off a race between the red dragon and Radigan’s scouts. While the dragon searched and scorched whatever lands he searched, Radigan eventually found the hoard of the now deceased Razeth. It would take 12 days more for Kadamort to track down Radigan, at which point the entire hoard had been cleared out…

Radigan's Rest
Days in the Greenwood

Radigan’s Journey into the world of Daezvara…

Four carts were loaded onto the ship and they cast off. Two days out and still no idea of what direction to go…
Then Gozreh took over… The skies darkened, the winds picked up, the waves swelled…first one direction and then the next. The ship sailed before the winds… The sun was blocked out. The stars did not come out at night. For 10 days the ship raced, never in danger of capsizing/sinking, but always at its max pace for speed. The sails straining. Then they woke up and the skies were clear and they were on the coast of a land. Forested cliffs overlooking the sea. There was a broad river emptying into a bay…Radigan liked it. The sea and river wold protect two of the four sides…now to see how far the woods went in the other directions.

It was the last week of the first month in Spring as the ship finally slowed down. They took the Ulfen longboat upstream, far enough into the woods to obscure them, and unloaded the wagons. After asking the captain for the spare mast, the group began the work of finding a clearing for their new home. After searching for 2 hours, they found a clearing of about 8 acres, and began setting up the first homestead. The captain, not wanting to stay with this new world, began to make his way back to the shoreline. He said he would take 4 days to prepare for the journey home, praying to the sea gods of his ancestors.

The next 4 days included finding three additional clearings for the new settlers, and getting to know the area. Radigan’s hobgoblin, Legion, as well as the elves, began exploring the area, searching for danger and cleansing all of the springs that they came into contact with. They established a daily ritual of positive spells, beginning to imbue the land with positive magics. On the 2nd day, Legion found the perfect tree for a replacement mast, and the group spent several hours hauling it to the captain’s barge. After trading it for the spare mast, the captain’s crew began the process of making another mast.

During the first couple of days, the camp was attacked by wolves, and a bear, though in each case they were handled easily.

During the 4th day, Legion found dragon tracks, gargantuan dragon tracks, which Radigan followed through the wood, until he came across the Ancient wyrm devouring a dire elk. He observed the dragon, until he was beckoned by it to approach. He learned the name of this “Lord of the Greenwood,” Razeth, and told him of his plans. Razeth was flattered by his praise, and intrigued by his honesty. He allowed them to keep his small part of the forest, so long as they continued to benefit him.

During the 5th day, the scouts encountered a group of natives, who later came into the camp. They were given steel weapons, and Coric, their great hunter, kept most of them. They would return with others, and they soon left without incident.

The Call of Gozreh
A Journey to the New World

" Radigan, there will come a time far past when you have passed that your work will come to fruition. You must seek the far land and prepare the forests you find. When you have passed the work you have started will survive and ensure the survival of the forest. Take those you need, those who are willing, and those who know they will not return. Take them to help you with your work. Take them to continue your work. Go prepare the forest."


And so woke Radigan from his fitful dream. He knew he had to go to a distant land that he would not return from. He knew that he would need those to continue his work upon his passing. Near or far he did not know as he grinned to himself…Only Gozreh knew if he would have one day or two to prepare the forest.

Now to find the people.

The Flintstones were first. They were imprisoned for being far behind on their taxes. Radigan paid their taxes and promised them lands of their own as long as they and their descendants never sold or gave away the land they had and cultivated.

The Smallhammers were next. Merle was working for a priest who was unethical to say the least. Radigan corrected the errant priest on his ways and recruited Merle and his wife. Merle would be given a temple in the far lands. The only promise the Smallhammers had to make is that there would always be a Smallhammer in the temple in the generations to come. However large or small the temple was, it must be have a Smallhammer who would remember the stories of the beginning.

The Morningstars came to Radigan. They had heard about the expedition as the Smallhammers prepared for the trip. They were intrigued and wanted to join. It helped that Desmodia had a Treant animal companion as well. They promised that wherever Radigan set up that they would be continual guardians of that area until their passing. They also promised that their line would continue the guardianship in generations to come.

Radiganhad his group. Now where to go. He left it to Gozreh.

He commissioned a ship for passage and put the necessary supplies on board.


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